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  Mr.Abhijit De  
I am serving in a Corporate Sector at Kolkata. I have initially started my Photography life at the age of 18 years with a Zenith 122 Model Analog Camera, as a casual photographer.
But after that in the year 2010 I have switched over from Analog Photography to Digital Photography with a
Canon Model Digital Camera and took a membership in a Photography Club.
Now I am learning and trying to do some serious photography. See Images...
  Mr.Anup Datta  
I am an amateur photographer, keenly interested in the artform since my young days. I took up photography seriously in 2008. Though I like to shoot human activities, I photograph all things beautiful in this world. I enjoy photography but seldom participate in any competition.See Images...
  Dr.Arup Ghosh  
By profession I am a physician. Photography is my passion. When my busy schedule prevented me from drawing and painting I took up photography as my way of creativity. It is my own way to convey myself. It is now my way to craft my world of imagination and realism. As I am a self taught photographer I care very little for rules and conventions. I go by my way. I go by my soul. www.arupghosh.in
See Images...
  Mr.Kalyan Bhattacharyya  
I began serious photography in the year 2000. I am an employee of
Chittaranjan Locomotive Works under Indian Railways. Photography is my passion.
I have above 200 National and 400 International
acceptances and many awards in different National and International Salons.
I have achieved FFIP honour from Federation of Indian Photography and EFIAP honour from FIAP.See Images...
  Mr. Kamal Bhattacharyya  
Photography is my passion. Though I am in service I always make my time for my creativity. I shoot everything I feel aesthetic.
I have trekking experience in the Himalayas and have taken good photographs of
them in analogue camera and slide films.
I have many acceptances in photography salons, both at the national and
international levels.See Images...

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